Saturday, February 22, 2014

Do You Believe in Ghosts?

  • You experience a momentary chill
  • The sound of footsteps echo throughout your house when you are home alone
  • A door shuts or even opens on its own
  • Your normally quiet dog is barking at what seems to be nothing
  • The light in your room, that is broken, suddenly comes to life without the flip of a switch
  • Someone taps your shoulder and yet when turn to find the culprit no one is there
  • You see someone walk past out of the corner of your eye only to find you are the only one
     My daughter, Hope, when she was around 4 years old came rushing into the backroom of our new home.  The look on her face was enough for me to know something had frightened her. After picking her up in a warm hug she began to relax and explained her sudden alarm.  "Mama I never want to go into the dining room again." Knowing that all the shades were open in the room she had been so quietly coloring in as I unpacked boxes, my thoughts immediately turned to someone peaking in the windows.  However, that was not the story she told.  "I...I..I was coloring a picture for you to put on our new fridgerator".  I listened intently wondering where this was going.  "Then it happened mama". Of course I was still not sure of what she was talking about, so I asked her what had happened...thinking maybe she had spilled something or wrote on the table. "She kept saying 'Hi Hope'". Yep I was lost; I was clueless as to whom she was speaking about, but I, of course, asked. "The little girl kept saying 'hi' to me, and....and..and I could not see her". Well that was enough for me to walk in the dining room and look around.  Maybe the little neighbor boy had come into the house.  Hope went on to tell me that this little girl lived here first, but likes having other people around.     

     I am not a skeptic...I do believe that spirits still walk among us.  Because of this, I decided to make a phone call to a friend of mine, who I knew could help.  We learned so much - the little girl's name is Emily and she is 6 years old.  She hangs out in our attic, but has been known to move about the house.  At one time her grandmother was with her, but it seems to be only her now.  Since Hope has gotten older, she seems to have less contact with Emily.  However, Reigan, my youngest (now 7) has become quite attached to Emily, and Emily to her, as well.  Reigan has no fear of Emily - I believe that Emily took a shine to Reigan as a baby spending most of her day watching over her, protecting her. Even today Reigan still talks about Emily and on occasion can tell me where she is in the house.  I truly hope she never loses her sense of Emily.

     We all want to believe in things that are beyond our imagination.  Unicorns, Fairies, talking animals, and yes ghosts.  Believing that someone you love, who has since passed on, is still here with you gives one a sense of comfort and hope.  There are so many stories out there about ghost sightings, some real and some...well as fake as a 3 dollar bill.  Then there are those movies that strike fear in anyone who dares keep their eyes open, which is why my oldest son, who just happens to sleep in the attic, shuts his door and puts his chair's hassock in front of it.  I tried to tell him that spirits can just walk through doors, but he says it is to keep the cats out. 

     Maybe we create the images of our loved ones in our mind so much that we see and feel them there with us, or maybe they are here with us providing comfort when we need it most.  I like to believe the latter - what about you?

Friday, January 31, 2014

My Prediction...Seahawks Vs Broncos


     ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!  Does a bear tinkle in the woods?  Do minions look like little cheeseballs with eyes?  Did the 49ers lose 2 weeks ago?  YES, Yes, Yes, and Yes...We are a football family.  We have the NFL package and on Sundays, during the regular season, football is the only thing playing on our TVs - well unless it is the 7 year old - she can be found in her room enjoying whatever DVD is her favorite that day - usually Scooby Doo or any of the Disney movies.  FOOTBALL is far more exciting when you follow a team and in our household there are two - the COWBOYS and the SEAHAWKS.  We were just a one team house until I married my husband, Shawn, who managed to bring the green and blue into our house.  

     With the Cowboys totally screwing up their season... we are now rooting for the Sea (cough cough) hawks.  UGH! Now there are many professionals making predictions on the game but I find the non-professionals who are making predictions the most interesting....First I will share their choices and then I will tell you mine.  
  • Ozzy the Bear at ZooMontana chose the Broncos
  • Teddy the Porcupine at the Dallas Rescue has managed to pick the last two SBs correctly and went with the Seahawks.
  • Fred the Psychic Bunny has chosen the Seahawks...I wonder how they know he is psychic. 
  • An adorable pack of puppies on the Jimmy Fallon show chose the Broncos
  • Eli the Orangutan, who has picked correctly the last 6 years, has chosen the Seahawks
  • Lastly Kiano, a black rhino, at the Blank Park Zoo here in Iowa chose the Broncos.  
    Okay now I know I am no where near as experienced as these animals in picking football teams but I am going to give it a shot.  I honestly believe that the Seahawks are going to leave it all on the field and bring home their first ever Superbowl win.  It will be close, a nail-biter if you will.  

     I know what ya'll are thinkin'..."Well you have to pick them."  No, remember I am a Cowboys fan so while I am cheering the S-Hawks supporting Shawn...I believe by what I have witnessed this season from both teams that I have chosen wisely.  However, I will support my choice with fact.  

  1. First - the 12th man concept...more Seahawk fans have purchased tickets to the Superbowl than Bronco fans. 21% of the tickets purchased have come from the state of Washington, whereas only 8% come from Colorado.  Seattle fans are extremely loud and distracting to the opposing team and it seems they will be bringing this element of the game to MetLife Stadium. 
  2. Now while Payton Manning ranks first in the NFL in Passing TDs and Passing Yards Wilson dominates him when it comes to the Option running well over 500 yards to Mannings -31 (yes folks that is a negative number.)
  3. Not only is Wilson younger but he matches Manning in his yards per attempt - oh yeah and you cannot forget the fact that Russell Wilson has had more wins in his first two season than Manning did when he first started out.  
  4. Lets talk RBs - Lynch outshines Marino in all statistical areas: Years of Experience ~ Marino has 5 years under his belt; Lynch has 7 years experience.  Carries ~ Lynch has 301 to Marino's 241.  Total yards ran ~ Marino has 1038 whereas Lynch has 1257.  Last is number of touchdowns which is really close - Lynch has 12 to Marino's 10. 
  5. Then there is your Cornerbacks - Richard Sherman vs Champ Bailey - while Sherman is still green he has managed to outdo his opponent in two major areas.  He has 48 tackles and 8 interceptions to Bailey's 14 tackles and 0 (yep zero) interceptions!  
  6. I cannot forget to mention Derrick Coleman, #40, the second string running back who has been legally deaf since the age of three.  He has to be one of the most inspirational players in the NFL today.  I believe he will bring more than his best to this game and show the world how awesome he really is. 
     I could go on...and yes there are more players I could review but I chose those that I feel are game changers and prove that without a doubt in my mind the Seattle Seahawks will earn the ring in Superbowl 48!  Oh and the Orangutan has been right for 6 years - which gives my choice even more merit.  So I hope you all enjoy Superbowl Sunday for it is a time to spend with family and friends celebrating one of the best sports ever created!

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