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I am a freelance graphic designer...most of my designs are simple but sharp.  All of them are created in Photoshop.  I am a perfectionist and will work until I think it is done.  I can design logos, Facebook cover photos, Blog headers and buttons, and even cards or invites. I am also able to make t-shirt designs. All of these would be made, saved as a jpg file and emailed to you to add to your own pages or print off for yourself.   If you would like some work done please email me at 1gottalovekarma1@gmail.com.
All my pictures and designs are my property...if copied without permission you can be prosecuted. 

Below you will find some samples of what I can do.
This is a Blog header...this can go in place of your Blog name in order to dress it up.
Cost would be $6.50

This is my Facebook cover photo for my Zazzle store page.  You just give me the info and I create the cover.
Cost would be $5.00

This is a graphic painting I came up with.  I love the beach and based several of my paintings on this scenic venue.  An original design such as this will cost more because it takes more time.

This is a quote with a graphic painting of a seagull. I am able to design posters and tiles in my store.

This is another graphic painting of mine featuring a mountain scene and can be found on several of the items in my Zazzle store.

Winter scene graphic painting...I am selling it in poster form which can be framed.

This one was fun...I started out with the colors on the bottom and combined them together.  It reminded me of the ocean and how when moonlight hits the waves different colors are reflected off of the waves.  So I added the background, moon, and last the dolphin.  My husband said the this digital painting reminded him of the artist Edvard Munch, whose most famous painting is "The Scream".  I don't see it - LOL.

This is one of my most recent digital paintings.  This one pictures a girl in a hammock between two palms - facing the ocean.  I find it to be a very calming picture.  I have to admit I am still working on how to make people so I improvised by creating only the back of a person with most detail hidden by the hammock. 

In this particular painting (1st one above) I took a friends photo and turned it into a painting.  I thought it would be easy but the details of the trees in the background proved to be difficult.  After all was said and done I was pleased with the final results.  If you would like me to turn a photo into a painting the cost would be dependent on the amount of detail in the photo but would most likely not exceed $30.  Remember I am still learning people.  

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