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     As a Stay-at-Home-Mom (SAHM), I still wanted to be able to help bring money into my home.  So I took to surfing the web and began researching what was best for moms or dads who stay home.  I was completely overwhelmed and found very few places that actually told me about the "jobs" and if they were reliable.  Which led me to create a page on my blog dedicated completely to reviewing ways for stay at home parents to bring in a little supplemental cash.

For the Photographers

Foap for your Smartphone
Click on picture to take you to internet site.

     Foap offers smartphone users and photographers the chance to earn money from the photos they take.  The Foap Marketplace offers companies the chance to purchase natural, original photos for the businesses. It is basically another way for companies to acquire photos instead of using a stock photo company.
How it Works
~ First find the app in the Apple Store or Google play
~ Choose a well-taken photo and upload it to Foap
~ Once the photo is uploaded - 5 users will rate your photo.  You need at least a 2.6 for it to be accepted into the marketplace.  
~ Once accepted it is put up for sale...users will continue to rate your photo.  You will also be asked to rate photos.  The more you rate the more recognized you become.  
(Below is a photo that I have in the marketplace...its rating is 4.2)

It has not been purchased but on a five point scale it is rated fairly high.

~ If your photo sells you will be notified by email and text message.  For each photo sold you get $5 and are able to cash out any time.  You set up your cash-out options in your settings. Each photo is not licensed so it can be sold over and over.

Other ways to earn on Foap

~ Foap also offers missions - contests if you will.  Each mission is looking for a specific kind of picture.  The mission normally runs up to 5 days; a winner is announced and they are awarded with the $ prize, which is normally around $100.

     While Foap is a great opportunity to get your picture taking talents out there, selling a photo is far more difficult than the process to upload it. I would suggest that you follow several people on the app and comment on photos you really like.  This will help you get followers allowing your photos to be seen by more people.
     This is not a huge $ maker but it is fun to take on the missions and see where your photos end up.  If you are lucky enough to get noticed and sell a couple of photos consider it a win.  This app is more for the hobbyist and not a "second job".

For the Graphic Artists

Click here to go to site.

     Freelancer is an outsourcing marketplace where people can hire freelancers to complete jobs for their business and freelance designers and workers can find jobs that fit their skill area. 

     Freelancer Jobs can be found in the areas of: website development, web design, SEO marketing, mobile app development, article writing, business card design, logo design, and data entry.  Now you can join for free and enter free contests that promise a payout (best ones to enter).  You will be up against some people who do this 24/7. If you choose to enter a contest where the payment is not guaranteed the people running the contest may just walk away from the job and not pay out.  You can also step up your membership for a small fee. 
     While this is a great way to get your designs out there the contests are not always run well and the people running them want some very specific things in their designs, which limits creativity.  They also can reject your whole design or rate it according to 5 point rating scale.  The top designs are then kept and the person running the contest chooses among those.  I did attempt this site and actually had the top design a couple of times but alas the contest runner never came back causing the contest to get locked.  I don't know if it was just bad luck for me but there were several contests this happened to, so after about 3 months I left. 

     For a beginner this would be a good site to try out.  Even if you don't win it is a great way to gain experience and get your name out there.  However, this is not a site I would consider to be a good way to make money unless you are dedicated to spending a lot of time on it.

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