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I bet you are all asking what is Allie and Abner - well it is my very own Zazzle store, where I can create designs and sell them on their products.  I love creating original pieces using Photoshop. The way it works is you create a design and place it on one of their items.  You then list it in your store and put what percentage of the sale you would like to collect.  I normally choose 10% but you can go all the way up to 20%.  However the more you raise your percentage the more the price goes up.  Zazzle also advertises some sort of deal the buyer a chance to save some cash.  

I have chosen to start my page over because it is more lucrative for me to advertise all of my styles instead of just a few.  

This first one features luggage tags- four different designs. You can find them in the accessories section of my store.  Clicking on the picture will take you there as well.
Allie and Abner

Now the next group of items (On the Price is Right - sorry it just came out) happen to be some of the first things I made.  Inspirational key chains...each one contains a word that is sure to inspire anyone.  These can also be found in the accessories section of my store but clicking on the first picture will take you to the exact page.
Key Chains

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