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Have you ever watched leaves on a windy fall day.  They dance in the air until there is a slight pause in the wind...then they fall to the ground.  And just as it seems that they have found their place on the ground a strong gust comes along and sweeps them back up again.  That is exactly what it is like for me and writing.  Just when I think I have settled on the perfect words - something happens and I delete everything on the page.

When comes to writing I am a perfectionist. I will spend hours searching for the right words to express what I want to say.  Just read my post about coming up with a name for this blog!  The majority of my inspiration comes from my family.  They make me laugh, cry, scream, and on certain occasions, speechless!  Without them, I would not be able to do all the things I do.

My name is Tee, which is short for Tamara. I am a married, 44 year old mom of 5.  My house is overrun with kids and pets, sometimes they are not even mine.  I have often said to my friends that they could come by and drop off their kids and it would take my husband, Shawn, and I a couple of hours to notice.  The constant chaos is what makes our house a home and I would not change it for anything (okay maybe a free vacation to Hawaii for 12 days).

The majority of my life is spent being a stay-at-home mom with substituting in our school district on the side.  I was a full time teacher for close to twenty years until a principal came along that really did not have the best interest of the kids or the school in mind.  So I got caught in a situation that put me in the position to either fight for my job or resign.  After a couple of weeks of misery I chose to resign.  I did not want to put my kids or husband, who also teaches in the district through a bunch of legal crap.  At the time I was I know it was for the best.

Why a blog?  I love to write!  It is a form of stress relief for me.  There are so many things I have to say and I see a blog as the best way to express them. I have an opinion on just about everything happening in our world to day. Topics spanning anywhere from raising kids to foreign policies being discussed in the news.  Give me a topic and I can write on it.  My goal is to touch the lives of others out in the world and hope that I can make a difference.  Corny, I know...but that is how I roll.

January 3rd - I just realized that I have failed to introduce you to the rest of our Family. 

This is my amazing husband, Shawn pictured with me of course during my dark hair days. He is my 2nd marriage and my last.  We met during a college class and fell right then.  We are both teachers and laugh a heck of a lot more than we argue.  He is my rock and during really rough times my punching bag, which as you can see does not phase him because he is a foot taller than me and outweighs me by a lot.

This is my oldest son, Zachary posing in his track stance for his senior pictures.  He is the my first born and I am truly proud of him.  I know a lot of parents say that their kids make good choices like drinking, partying, drugs but other than one screw up (where he got caught immediately) he really has his future in mind.  College planning has become a big part of our lives - he is being recruited by a couple of schools for football and or track.  Now he needs to make the tough decision. 


This is a picture of both my boys Zachary is on the left and Thomas is on the right.  Thomas is my genius boy, wrestler, and baseball player.  He is a sophomore and sets high goals for himself; he reaches each and everyone of them.  His personality is a very stubborn one, as he never sees himself as being wrong.  Most of the time he isn't however on that rare occasion when we both go head to head he will storm off and come back later to say he is sorry.  He will be President some day.

These are my two youngest girls.  Hope is on the right and she is just like big brother Zachary.  She is extremely social and loves to be around others.  She is also an awesome cleaner when she is helping me.  Hope is also my gymnast and has been competing since she was 8...each time I watch her she completely amazes me.  Reigan is my youngest and on the left.  She is just like her big bro and stubborn.  She is pretty young but would like to follow in Hope's footsteps in tumbling but I fear she will be the clumsy one of the bunch. 

I can't go without mentioning my beautiful step-daughter Anjee.  She is on her own raising three grandbabies.  Yes I know I am a young grandmother. 

Well that is my family...I would include the 9 pets but that would really draw out this post. 

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