Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How My Blog Got its Name

     Anyone who knows me is well versed in my obsessive behavior when it comes to certain things - especially writing.  I will write, rewrite, erase, and then write again.  This is actually my second try at this post.  Anyway I wanted to begin a new blog with a great name.  And so the struggle to come up with a name begins.  I started with researching short quotes and sayings...nothing there inspired me.  Than I tried blog name generators...nothing really jumped out at me.  So after a few hours of  finding absolutely no inspiration I decided to go do laundry, which I despise.

     I began collecting the baskets in all of the bedrooms upstairs, taking them to the laundry room, and sorting them out into their proper containers.  Yes I am that person that has a container for each type of laundry load.  Anyway...once I sorted all the baskets I then went back to each of the rooms and gathered clothes off of the floor, since apparently walking two steps towards the laundry basket is an energy draining task.  Last, I hit the two bathrooms. Of course the boys bathroom is littered with socks, wet towels, and underwear.  Our bathroom, which we share with the two younger girls, and of course it is the same story only you need to include hair ties and head bands.  I begin to pick up and under one of the towels is the hairbrush, of course because putting it in the drawer does not make sense.  

    Now this is where it gets good - I pick up the brush, which makes me think about the morning.  Why, you ask.  Well every morning I brush my youngest daughters long blond hair; it is always full of ...are you ready...TANGLES! And when there are a lot of TANGLES there are lots of TEARS, which is where I came up with the name.  Who knew that doing laundry would inspire me?  After settling with the name, everything came together.

    When going through life we deal with a lot of tangles and shed a lot of tears.  Each tangle is something that helps us learn and push forward, to untangle what ever obstacle gets in our ways.  Then there is the tears...some are out of joy, some out of sadness, and some for no reason we can fathom. Each drop carries a strong emotion leaving a watermark on our memories.

    This blog will be a way for me to share my tangles and tears with the world and hope that what I write about touches the reader making them smile, laugh or even cry.  Welcome to my life Of Tangles and Tears.


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