Monday, November 4, 2013

A Confession of Some Sorts
Okay we have direct TV with hundreds of channels and yet there are times when we can find nothing on that we want to watch.  I am a guide flipper... I put the guide up and skim through it 2-3 times before I settle on something.  Well one day I decided to settle on A&E, which just happened to be showing an episode of Duck Dynasty.  I am almost embarrassed to admit this but I was hooked in less than 10 minutes!  Once I was hooked, I passed the addiction on to my husband and children; we have officially become Duck followers.

I have never been a fan of reality TV but for some reason this show is different.  No one is being voted off, running a race, facing horrible fears, or trying to be the ultimate hero. There is no money to win or fame to gain.  Just a close knit family who hunts, plays, works, and cooks together.  So since I managed to get my family addicted...I thought I would tackle a bigger audience.  Mwahahahahaha!

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