Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Beauty of Fall...Sometimes I Want to Kick it in the Teeth!

      Ahhhhh fall - football, bonfires, sweaters, and cool breezes! Shades of green, brown, yellow, orange, and red paint the trees.  The beauty autumn presents us is sometimes breathtaking.  And then............. the cool breeze turns into a strong wind, which causes the leaves to detach from the branches.  You all know what that means - yard work.  Now I don't mind dragging the rake and lawn bags out but the thing about leaves is they do not drop all at once.  I also swear that all our neighbors leaves blow into our yard - ON BOTH SIDES.  We also have a burn ban in our town so we have to bag it all.  Last year at this same time we had raked up a huge pile of leaves after my husband came home from work.  It was getting dark so we left the pile vowing to bag it in the morning.  However, when you live in Iowa the weather is very moody. When we woke up the next morning there was 5 inches of snow on the ground and the leaf pile was completely covered; it was not until spring that we were able to finally get to the leaves. Of course there was a huge dead spot where they sat.
   Before we moved here we lived in a newer area with no trees. Then we find this beautiful colonial home with trees and a huge yard.  We loved the trees until fall.... I sure miss a yard with no trees. 


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